Monday, 23 November 2009

Introducing Schilbo and Hoagie's Insta-Logic And Liar Check with Bonus Fuckwit Firewall!

Schilbo and Hoagie's Insta-Logic And Liar Check (SHILAC!) with Bonus Fuckwit Firewall is a communications interface that will change the way the world receives and processes information.

SHILAC! was conceived by Abigail M. Schilling and Heather Anne Hogan, two business women in town on business, who would rather be punched in the face repeatedly, or forced to rewatch the most awkward parts of Glee, than be subjected to the deceit and fallacious arguments that dominate our media today. Abigail and Heather have been combating morons publicly (and bitching about them in private) for years. This project is the intersection of their passions and intelligence.

Abigail and Heather are students of awesomeness, religion, journalism, television and politics. They have had it up to here with America's political/social discourse (and malevolent/moronic internet trolls). When politicians aren't lying or using fake logic to prove their points, news pundits (and sometimes entire news stations) are doing it for them. This creates a culture of fear and purposeful misunderstanding that results in fringe zealots shouting at one another about "Pro-this" and "Anti-that" while the moderate, intelligent people turn off their televisions (or throw their laptops into the street) in disgust.

But now there's SHILAC!

SHILAC! will monitor news and commentary in real-time. When someone lies or uses insane logic to try to prove a point, the public will be alerted with the sound of an obnoxious buzzer. SHILAC! will audit television channels, radio stations, print news and magazines — and even the internet. Where people lie and deceive, SHILAC! will follow.

Please consider the following demonstration as these journalists discuss bears.

The first is Anti-Terrorist.

The second is Pro-Cuddle.

You see the pattern: Each journalist takes a sprinkling of truth and adds lies and faux-logic to instill fear.

Now view the Anti-Terrorist and Pro-Cuddle "news" as it is monitored by SHILAC!.



Our world has real problems. And we need people to stop screaming at one another so we can put our noggins together and solve them. Will we disagree? Oh, yes! But we will disagree about facts. We will stop fighting imaginary monsters.

Step one: SHILAC!

Please come back tomorrow when we present step two: the Fuckwit Firewall.

SHILAC! was inspired by XKCD, Jacob Clifton's Gossip Girl recaps, Wackopedia, Batwoman, and Agent Seeley Booth.

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