Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Man, we make our own movies.

We're the projectors
We're hosting the screening
We're dust in the spotlights
We're just kind of floating

And I believe that, I think, for the most part and generally whenever I'm sitting on the curb, looking left and looking right, wondering once again how the heck I got myself into yet another mess. It's amusing, the lengths I go to to keep myself amused. I mean, you give a girl enough rope and she's bound to hang herself, am I right? (Don't worry; the answer is "yes".) But mine is more a one-man show, the roles of both hero and villain played by yours truly, and often at the exact same time. What can I say, I'm complicated.

But think and think I did upon which of the great many movies in existence I'd inhabit would that I could, and not a one could I choose. And this is truth.

Oh heck fine. This one:

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