Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Schilbo and Hoagie's Bonus Fuckwit Firewall!

Collective Readers,

Yesterday we gave you the brand new, state of the art, communication interface, SHILAC!. But the common sense doesn't stop there! SHILAC! comes with a Bonus Fuckwit Firewall!

You know how using the internet is the best thing except all the time fuckwits are getting in the way and ruining it? Well, now you can enjoy the internet fuckwit-free. Simply install our firewall on the offender's computer and reap the benefits of peaceful, peaceful browning. (Coming soon: nominate users to be auto-firewalled!)

The Firewall will help internet user becoming better knowledge bearers and discerners through step-by-step questions, and in the worst case scenarios, take special netiquette classes.

Wipe the stupid off their face; get a copy today!

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