Tuesday, 11 January 2011

affordable solutions for better living

heather Nothing fills me with self-loathing like my Google Reader. I don't have a handle on it. I can't keep up with it. No matter how many times I "read all" or purge the goddamn thing, it always always always runs amok. But one blog that never gets the CTRL+A treatment from me is Catalog Living. Partly because each post is only one photo and a caption. And also partly because it's almost better to fall behind in your reading. Scarfing down a buffet of posts in one sitting just adds to the hilarity.

Catalog Living chronicles the fictional decorating adventures of fictional couple Gary and Elaine (and their many, many, many children).








Hahaha! Shopping necklace! Can you even imagine?


Jennie said...

My favorite one is the dresser. Hee.

eclectic said...

Shopping Necklaces are common in the South, I'm told. I'm surprised her Shopping Belt and Shopping Bracelets aren't there too. She's going to be so embarrassed!

Mad William said...

Nothing like the full tide of washed ashore dressers.

Never That Easy said...

I so understand your relationship with your Google reader (how much +++ of a thousand, Google, WHY WON'T YOU TELL ME???), but overburdened or not, this one is going directly on mine. All because of a shopping necklace.

plumpdumpling said...

Wow, yes, I am subscribed now.

I saw this great Tumblr a few months ago that was pictures taken from home design magazines and captioned to make life seem really depressing, and I know you would like it, but I've Googled for it so hard with no luck!

I keep in control of my Google Reader by having an Every Day folder that I read before I get to anything else, a Fluff folder where I put things like Catalog Living to waste time with, and assorted other folders with different importances. Try it!