Thursday, 6 January 2011

She's never seen Star Wars? Ted, the only people in the universe who have never seen Star Wars are the characters in Star Wars and that's cause they lived them, Ted, that's cause they lived the Star Wars.

Jennie I'm pretty sure I have undiagnosed ADD, so my answer to this question really depends on what movies/TV shows I've watched/thought about recently. Remember on ER, how Lucy had ADD? And Carter was all, "why are you taking Ritalin, aren't you like old?" and Lucy was like, "eff you, GUY, you're going to get addicted to painkillers soon." Because he did. He got addicted to painkillers because David Krumholtz went nuts and stabbed him and also Lucy and he pretty much watched Lucy die right in front of him, because everyone else was down the hall having a Valentine's Day party. Why do I remember all of this? I don't know. So Carter survives but gets addicted to painkillers, sort of like Rush Limbaugh except skinnier and slightly less annoying. Then he dated Abby, who traded Kovac for Carter (um, OK, crazy, were you drunk?) and Carter totally judged her all the time for being an alcoholic but HELLO CARTER you were addicted to drugs, jerk. Then he decided to move to Africa because of all of his white liberal rich person guilt and dumped Abby in a letter. I think she was better off but I don't remember because I stopped watching after Romano got crushed by a helicopter, maybe the same helicopter that chopped off his arm. Stupid show. Anyway...thus explaineth this list:

Jason Segel


Because Marshall reminds me of Joe (which I realize is a completely pointless use of one of my freebies but WHATEVER). And! Because he's hilarious. Because he's tall. And because he knows how important Muppets are.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt


But only if he's wearing Inceptionish wardrobe.

Nathan Fillion  (aka Captain Tightpants)

captain tightpants

But only if he's wearing his Firefly wardrobe.

The Doctor


Tennant, Eccleston, Smith (in that order)...I don't care. Yes, I do. Tennant. In his Doctor wardrobe.

Robert Downey, Jr


I don't care what he's wearing as long as it's nothing. BOOM! NAILED IT.


Jennie said...

PS: None of these pictures are as good as the Lee Pace one from yesterday.

PPS: Do you think celebrities have a freebies list?

Joe G. said...

I honestly had no idea that David Krumholtz played the guy who stabbed Carter and Lucy. Do you remember when that character came back to the ER for some reason and Carter totally had flashbacks, complete with the music cue ("Battleflag" by Lofidelity All-Stars)? That was pretty much awesome. What happened to you, ER?

Regarding your PPS, I think celebrities must have a freebies list of other celebrities. Do you think Angelina Jolie was on Brad Pitt's list when he was with Jennifer Aniston? And she just couldn't handle that IT WAS A FREEBIE. Silly Rachel Green.

Also, I approve of your list.

Jennie said...

Yeah, I remember weird things. I totally forgot that he came back, though! Poor Carter. Poor douchey Carter.

I figured you would approve since most of my list would be on your man-list.

kat said...

man, that's risky business. what if joe gets jealous of you macking on his man crushes?

Ashley said...

Pretty much that entire first paragraph I think you stole from my brain.

Jason Segel is the best.

eclectic said...

See, now E.R. I remember... on account of I had time to watch T.V. back in the old days. It went to shit when Mark Green died, as far as I'm concerned. But I always did like John Carter, can't explain why.

Gretchen said...

So far, this list is the closest to my list. Also, I submit that NOBODY wears a suit like JGL.

You can call me, 'Sir' said...

I imagine that the only way that first paragraph could be any closer to your actual inner monologue would be if you removed all the punctuation.

The way you think is incredibly entertaining.

Jennie said...

Kat, you're right, that could be awkward. Or lead to a threesome, who knows.

Ashley, I can give it back, if you like. (I don't actually know what that means.)

Shari, I really liked Carter in the earlier seasons but not so much in the later seasons. I loved Kovac because he had an accent and was hot and tortured.

Gretchen, I totally agree. He should wear a suit all the time, pretty much.

Sir, it is actually very similar. Most of my blog posts are just stream of consciousness writing.

Abigail said...

I love JGL always (since french tutoring, actually) but his wardrobe in 500 Days of Summer is hummana hummana hummana.

Heather Anne Hogan said...

Sleeping with Marshall because he reminds you of Joe is a very Lily/Marshall thing to do. (Look who made a HIMYM reference!)

linster said...

You guys! "The One With Frank Jr." was totally on last night and I know it was because the TV gods read The Collective and wanted to endorse this week's posts.

Heather Anne Hogan said...

God <3 The Collective. It's a bumper sticker waiting to happen.

mysterygirl! said...

Joe just blew my mind with the idea that Angelina Jolie might have been on Brad Pitt's list.

You're on a roll, Jennie-- that was one beautiful paragraph. And yes to Jason Segel.