Wednesday, 5 January 2011

If I believed in fairy tales I wouldn't have dropped out of kindergarten.

Like Abigail I’m fickle and lazy so this exercise is largely useless, and yet, paradoxically, my last list could easily pass for my list today. But that is not what this is about.

This is about ogling hotties from afar and if there’s one thing I can do it’s ogle hotties from afar. So let’s do it to it already.

Lee Pace

lee pace

I’m tempted to leave this without commentary because you see that picture up there? As we say in the legal profession, CASE CLOSED. (This is a lie, incidentally. I have never once in my seven years of professional lawyering ever once uttered the phrase case closed in the course of business. THE MORE YOU KNOW, etc.) But since I’ve already started typing I may as well type some more, at least to say that Lee Pace was and forever will be The Piemaker, and The Piemaker was and forever will be my Gilbert Blythe. (Speaking of Gilbert Blythe, Anne of Green Gables was on PBS recently and of course I watched it and of course I got all swoony when Gil gave up the Avonlea school for Anne because he luuuuuuurves her, so Jonathan Crombie gets a shout out in this top spot for old time’s sake.)

Also Lee Pace is very tall. SWOON.

Rupert Penry Jones


Occasional Jane Austen enigma. Charming British name. Disgustingly beautiful. Like, seriously disgusting. I can’t decide if I want to make out with him or punch him in the face.

Matthew Goode


Sure, why not.

Britt Daniel

Well, duh.

Matt Berniger

While we’re at it.

Guilty Pleasure

Brooks Laich's arms at about the 47-second mark. Oh, the hotness.


Jennie said...

This is like...a really, really good list. I'll be in my bunk.

eclectic said...

Yes, please to all of them except Matthew Goode.

(Nothing personal, Matthew, it's just you're not my fantasy freebie type. It's not you, it's me.)

Heather Anne Hogan said...

Oh, I'll take your discarded Matthew Goode, Shari. I'll take him real good.

Heather Anne Hogan said...

Also, Jennie: Hahahahaha!

Ashley said...

Why does Matthew Goode look so familiar?

kat said...

off the top of my head, he was in brideshead revisited and the not-quite truly awful leap year. and some other stuff.

incidentally, i very literally agonized over matthew goode's spot for about four hours yesterday. i'm sure the cold medicine didn't help.

Abigail said...

Jesus Christ.

mysterygirl! said...

Matthew Goode was in Chasing Liberty! He stealthily kept the president's daughter, Mandy Moore, safe when she ran away!!

Ahem. Awesome list. And L.O.L. to Jennie.