Friday, 22 April 2011

Bitch, please.

What do you love to hate?

Tell us in the comments!


Jennie said...

WHAT IS HAPPENING? You cannot tell me that no one hates anything.

kat said...

I hate that I just watched the last episode of Wonderfalls.

At least I get to start over from the beginning now.

Ashley said...

Things I LOVE to hate? Hmmm. Twilight. People who insist on writing slash fiction. People who watch Real Housewives or Teen Mom.

Things I just plain hate? Old fuckers who make racist comments and expect me to agree with them. The smell of weed. When people dismiss science fiction and fantasy as worthless and juvenile. I want to to slash those people in the face with a dull knife and then pour lemon juice on the open wound.

Was that really angry? It felt really angry. I'm not a violent person, I swear.

Kiti said...

"Hate" is a pretty expansive term, so I'll downgrade to "strongly dislike". I strongly dislike it when people use poor grammar (and, in writing, poor spelling and punctuation) when they really should know better.

matt said...