Monday, 4 April 2011

When the moon hits your eye [OUCH!]


This week’s Collective topic is favorite pizza toppings, but I’m too boring to write about that thing specifically. Like, one thing I hate is sweet-tasting things on my pizza. Pineapple, for example. And another thing I hate is onions, and if you put them in the same kitchen as my pizza, I will have a fit. But pizza is one of my all-time favoritest foods, and so here are the five best pizzas I’ve ever eaten:

1) Gino’s East Pizzeria pizza with The Collective in Chicago. We had some delicious local beer there, too, and I think it was Kat who first said out loud to Jennie, “So this Joe guy -- do you love him?” And Jennie didn’t even blush. She smiled like Christmas and said, “Yeah. Yeah, I do.”

2) Pizza place whose name I can't remember with some random school kids in Verona. (Plus: gelato which is not pictured, but was still tasty, tasty.)

3) Gusher Pizza and Sandwich Shoppe with my family in West Yellowstone, MT. I know this sounds totally insane because it was the middle of winter and there were only like three restaurants open in the whole town, but heavens to Mergatroid, the pizza at this place was a deep-dish dream come true. We had some of the best wings ever there also.

4) Grilled pizza with Amy’s family in Chestnut Mountain, GA. Amy’s dad and brothers are, like, Master Grillers. They make the most delicious grilled pizza you have ever tasted in your whole life.

5) Angelo’a Pizza with just me in Manhattan. I could have eaten a whole pie by myself ‘cause of Mmm.

I don't want to brag, but I can kind of make a killer homemade pizza. If I love you. And you don't mind hearing me swear like mad while I burn my hands.


Jennie said...

Wasn't our waiter like a comedian or something? And he drew us a picture? Did that happen or did I make that up?

Also, I would like some pizza now.

mysterygirl! said...

Yes, now I want pizza. And Gino's East is so best to begin with, I can't even imagine its awesomeness quotient with the Collective there.

Joe G. said...

I've never been to Gino's, but I love the shit out of some Giordano's, and only a little because it has the same name as a classic comics artist.

Also, I'm sorry, Heather, but pineapple on pizza is delicious.

eclectic said...

Those grilled pizzas look so enticing I may have to try to recreate them! Also, both pineapple and onion are evil on pizza, along with broccoli (which I adore in nearly every other preparation, but it tastes like ass on pizza).

You can call me, 'Sir' said...

I make my own pizza, too, because if you have any cooking ability at all and love pizza, you'd be a damned fool not to frequently treat yourself. I've been meaning for quite awhile to go all Bobby Flay on some grilled pizza, so this may push me over the edge.

kat said...

Jennie, I don't think you made that up. Abigail has the picture maybe? Also his name was Doug. Rather, his name was Dooglas Dorsey, and he served us some DELICIOUS pizza.

Ashley said...

#5 looks absolutely amazing. It looks like MY favorite pizza, which incidentally, I will never eat again because it closed down. It was called Pizza d'Amore, and it was run for 25 years by the same family. They closed when the owner died, and I don't know why. When I tried to get the recipe from them, they laughed in my face.

I'm still bitter.