Friday, 3 February 2012

and is there a cure?


There are a lot of things that make me crazy. In fact, I spend most of every moment talking myself back from various rage-fueled warpaths and cliffs. (Cliffs suddenly seems like the wrong word. I think it should be clives. Ryhmes with biz. One cliff, two clives.) Sometimes it almost feels centering when I can shift my rage from one of the gopher-like things that creep up on me as I try to manage them all (think whac-a-mole) to the things that are always making me crazy.

Like marketing decisions made with no research at all unless you count a (probably) old white guy saying something like, "Billboards! We should try billboards!"

Like the quests on FarmVille which I can't even quite describe beyond this bullshit:

(The game is forcing her to collect feather gel.)

Like what they did with Booth and Brennan on Bones at the end of the last season. And also this season.

Like when my drink can't be made correctly at Starbucks without me having to use my annoying condescending voice to actually make sure the barista is listening to my wooooords. (They guess my words a surprising amount of times.)

Like when I read a post on Google Reader and go to click share and then throw myself in front of a train.

Like when anyone I love does something they know is stupid.

Like when I do something stupid.

Doing the actual thing myself that makes me crazy? That really really takes the cake. Because in addition to pissing myself off, I've taken myself down a notch or two in my book making it harder to get away with my indignation the rest of the time. Like how I got sick this week. And then like how I forgot what day it was. So then I had to post late on Friday like a dope.

So what makes you guys crazy?


kat said...

I don't know what your problem is. I mean TWO PEOPLE liked that feather gel.

Jennie said...

...the fuck is feather gel?

Heather Anne Hogan said...

This is one of my favorite sentences I've ever read:

(The game is forcing her to collect feather gel.)