Monday, 6 February 2012

I only use my sick days for hangovers and soap opera weddings.


It boggles my brain to realize I know people -- am, perhaps, making out on the regular with a person -- who have never not had the internet. I was the first person out of all my friends to get the internet at my house and I was a senior in high school when it happened. I remember my English teacher going, "Anyone caught using the internet, or 'World Wide Web,' for their term papers will be punished!" Now days I'm pretty sure kids just print off Wackopedia entries and turn those in for automatic As.

The thing I remember about the early days of the internet is that my sister and I stumbled across this place called Dustin's Days Page late one night and it was like finding hidden pirate treasure. Dustin's Days Page was a website where a dude watched Days of Our Lives every single day -- just like me and Jenn -- and wrote hilarious summaries of what had happened during the episodes. I think they may have been the very first TV recaps in the history of the world. There was a whole year of archives by the time Jenn and I found it, and we spent weeks staying up all night reading them out loud to each other and laughing until we hurt ourselves.

Last night I Googled "Dustin's Days Page" and found some soap opera forum posts from 2008 saying he retired to go to grad school. Apparently he was everyone else's first too:
Dustin's Days Page was virtually the first Days fan site on the web. His site was one of the first sites I began visiting when my family got the internet in 1996 -- twelve years ago! Everybody knows Dustin's Days Page!
Dustin's DAYS page was seriously the first DAYS site I got spoilers from when I started finding out that you could get spoilers from the internet.
Isn't it funny how all of us Days fans pretty much started out with Dustin's Days page in the late 90's. I remember when you would search on HotBot for Days, Dustin's page would always come up first on the list.
I had a Geocities fan site dedicated to Dustin's DAYS page!
Gee. I kinda feel left out. I don't think I've ever been to Dustin' site.
Clearly, you are not human.
You guys, a Geocities fan page! The very first spoilers!

1997 was when I got the internet. NINETEEN NINETY SEVEN. That was the year Kate came back from the dead for the second time.

She's lucky Vivian didn't bury her alive like she did to poor Carly.


Jennie said...

I feel like TV was a gateway drug that led straight to the internet. I got the internet in 97 or 98, I think, and used it primarily to read and talk about The X-Files.

kat said...

I'm pretty bummed I never thought to use the internet for my soap addiction :(

You can call me, 'Sir' said...

Nobody screws with someone Victor Kariakis might sort of have feelings for in ways not directly tied to prostitution and gets away with it!

I miss watching Days of Our Lives, but doubt if I still have the patience necessary to stomach the melodrama.