Friday, 17 February 2012

I’m especially good at PROCRASTINATING!

Jennie   Here are five things I'm good at blah blah blah TV blah books blah poop blah WHATEVER. 

1. Watching TV

I know this sounds like a weird thing to be good at but I think I’m really good at it, you guys. Like, if there is something I’ve spent my entire life training to be good at, it’s watching and talking about TV. I love it. I don’t watch as much of it as I used to, and I’m not as passionate about some of the shows I used to really, like, triple heart love (Oh, The Office, this hurts me) but when I love a show, I LOVE A SHOW. Like with my whole being. I was just telling Joe the other day that sometimes I worry about my level of obsession when it comes to shows like Community and Friday Night Lights. I feel like those shows are EMBEDDED IN MY SOUL, along with so many others. (Here, I will list them: (early) The Office, The X-Files, Buffy, Party Down, Arrested Development, Veronica Mars, Pushing Daisies, Friends, Sports Night, LOST, DOCTOR WHO OMG.)

Because, you guys? If Community was a person, I would be stalking it. I’d pitch a tent on Community’s front lawn, steal buy the most expensive binoculars I could find, and write love haikus to it in my own blood.


So maybe it’s weird to think I’m good at watching TV, but if it’s good enough for Adam Scott, it’s good enough for me.

2. Picking out books

The other day, I was reading through some Cannonball Reads reviews, looking for books to add to my To Read list on Goodreads (THERE ARE SO MANY BOOK WEBSITES I LOVE IT), when I noticed that there were people reviewing books that they hadn’t so much enjoyed. Maybe they even hated them, who knows? I don’t remember. Sorry.

It was at that point that I realized I hardly ever finish a book and think, “Oh, wow, I hated that.” It’s only happened a handful of times, when I finished The Devil Wears Prada (OK, I did not finish it, I threw the book down in disgust after only a chapter or two), some book by Paulo Coelho (that, in retrospect, I maybe only hated because it was about love and I was maybe not in a good place in my life at that time to be reading about love?), and Atonement (sorry, Ashley). I’m sure there are other books I didn’t like, but I do tend to really enjoy the majority of the books I read. Maybe it’s because I have low expectations, I don’t know, but I prefer to think that I’m just really good at picking out books that I’ll enjoy.

Or I just enjoy all most books. IT’S A MYSTERY.

3. Replacing the words of a song with different words

See post title.

(This one might be cheating because I mostly just replace the words in songs with things like “butt” or “poop” or “buttpoop,” but I think it still counts.)

4. Buying gifts for people


5. Memorizing useless information (mostly in relation to pop culture, to be completely honest)

Like I said, this is mostly in relation to movie quotes from the late 90s/early 00s and TV quotes from always, but I also contain random factoids about orthodontics, even though I haven’t worked at the orthodontist office in five years, as well behind-the-scenes X-Files information, where to fast-forward to if you only want to watch the Elizabeth Bennet/Mr. Darcy googly-eyes scenes in Pride & Prejudice* (this is because I first owned the miniseries ON VHS), and that the inventor of the brassier was Otto Titzling (not, as one might assume, Mr. Titspervert Fitzherbert).

*the real one


Heather Anne Hogan said...

It bothers me that there are people who don't understand the difference between being good at watching TV and channel-flipping. Being good at TV -- really, really good -- is practically a sport. It takes hard work, perseverance, and sometimes sweat and blood and tears. Right?

Ashley said...

If TV watching is a sport then that means that I'm finally good at sports! Hurray!

Thank you for your kind words, Jennie.

P.S. How much fun is Cannonball Read? Thank you for making me do it.

Jennie said...

HaH!, EXACTLY. I've cried way more over TV than is probably healthy but I'm OK with it.

Ashley, I'm loving Cannonball Read! Not only is it forcing me to write more, I'm also adding like a billion books to my To Read list every day. Wheeeeeeeeee!

Never That Easy said...

I was so afraid to click on that Cannonball Read link, because my TBR pile (and the Excel spreadsheet wishlist that accompanies it) really do not need additional sources. But, you guys are so good at pointing me to places I should be, that I had to click it. Now I can't click away.

I did wonder something, though, Jennie, about your list of TV shows (which are EXCELLENT!) - are you not a West Wing fan? Or is just not one of the embedded soul shows for you? I feel like Josh , Toby, CJ & Sam might actually live in my brain, sometimes, and since they cohabitate with characters of the other shows you mentioned, I just wondered if WW was on your list at all.

Kerri Anne said...

Your #4 makes me so happy. As does the title of this post.

I movie-quote (and repurpose movie quotes) like it's my job. IF ONLY.

Jennie said...

Oh, I do like The West Wing! But I've only seen the first four seasons and, although I love it, it's not ingrained in my brain the way other shows are.