Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Dinosaurs is fine.

Abs I make a pretty big deal out of only doing things I'm good at because success rate is key to my daily happiness. In order to avoid all the millions of things I'm bad at, I keep a mental running list of comfort zone activities. So when I asked my friends tonight casually to help with my post, I was curious to see what they would come up with. Some might call this fishing, but I'm so shameless about it that it's obviously no plea for a confidence boost. Plus, this is what they came up with:

"Guys, what am I good at?"

"Excel spreadsheets"
"Bossy boots"
"Better at everything than your brother"
"Planning in general"
"Steps, dude"
"Sleeping on the floor"

For the most part, that hits the nail on the head. I would say:

1) Getting 10,000 steps a day. Nothing had motivated me to exercise more than a pedometer. Numbers for the win.

2) Both knowing the right thing to do and telling other people to do it.

3) Planning things.

4) Using technology to maximize efficiency.

5) Procrastinating. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh. It took me two hours to write this post. Also during that time I read all of Pinterest, tried several times to beat a really hard level of Ponon Delux (and failed), managed to get 200 steps walking to and from the kitchen where I tidied here and there but mostly just picked at a block of cheese, planned how to get the rest of my steps for today and where to gather tomorrow, and mostly did a lot of alt-tab hemming and hawing. It's truly amazing I even have a job (especially considering my penchant for vacations).

Of course, I don't consider myself much of a blogger (NOT FISHING PLEASE DON'T CONTRADICT ME) so that could contribute to the hemming and the hawing. Best wrap this up before I shoot my success rate.

OH. SOMETHING I FORGOT. Taking pictures of myself on my phone. On that note:


Jennie said...


I think you are the best at follow through. Like, if you decide you're going to walk 10,000 steps in a day, you're going to walk 10,000 steps in a day. I wish I could borrow some of that. :)

kat said...

Your hair is getting really long!