Thursday, 15 January 2009

If you are chilly, here take my Snuggie

Jennie The Snuggie is God's gift to infomercials. I've noticed The Snuggie coming up a lot recently, both on the Internets and IRL. Here's the problem: I would have actually had to BUY a Snuggie to give it a proper review, but who wants to spend money on a blanket with sleeves? Who? So, I cheated a bit, because I did not buy an actual Snuggie. Here is what I did do. I wrapped a big blanket around my shoulders and pinned it under my armpits so it did, in fact, look almost just like a Snuggie. I looked almost as ridiculous as I would have wearing the real thing.

The first time I saw The Snuggie, my first thought was, "Abigail should get one of those." When we were in Philly, she'd come over to our room, which we were keeping at a balmy 50 or so degrees, wearing like five layers and wrapped in a huge comforter. Then I thought, "why would Abigail need a Snuggie when she can wrap herself in five layers and a huge comforter?" Because the five layers? Free. The huge comforter? Also free. Sort of. I mean, you need to pay for the hotel room, but the comforter itself costs you nothing, really.

Anyway, the basic premise of this thing is that OH MY GOD, sometimes a blanket falls off of your arms! Like when you have to pick up the phone! And then your arms get cold! And heat is expensive! Or OH MY GOD, what if you have to go to a football game? And it's cold! And for some reason you cannot afford a proper coat! Just wrap yourself up in a Snuggie and try and ignore the weird looks the other football fans are giving you BECAUSE YOU ARE DRESSED LIKE A MONK.

The Snuggie is made of ultra-soft fleece! I mean, if it was just soft fleece, they couldn't charge $20. ULTRA-soft, though? Totally worth it. Plus, if you wear The Snuggie, the infomercial promises that you can wear it while you use your hands! Or use your remote! Or read a book! Or use your laptop! Or enjoy a snack! Or hold your terrified-looking baby! Look at all that crap you can do! It's also one size fits all. You know, like a blanket. And the oversized sleeves should come in REALLY handy when you're wearing it to roast marshmallows (which you can totally do, it says so in the infomercial), just be careful you don't set yourself on fire. I bet that ultra-soft fleece burns pretty quickly.

I guess $20 is a reasonable price, because NOT ONLY do you get one Snuggie, you get ANOTHER ONE FOR FREE! So you can make someone else look as ridiculous as you do. Also, you get a free booklight, so that's handy. Or you could just buy a normal blanket and turn on a lamp. It's your call.

Recommended for: People who like to be laughed at; People who have run out of other things to spend money on

Bottom line: Just buy a sweatshirt. Threadless has some really good ones.

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