Tuesday, 13 January 2009

You Should Buy: PopChips

Abs These chips are my current favorite snack food. I had never ever heard of them, til my roommate's brother left a bag at our house. Having a munch munch crunch craving I opened the bag and then... didn't stop til it was finished. Usually I tire of chips: too much salt or too much grease on my fingers or I just need to move on to something that tastes different. Not with these chips.

I think the trick is that they're "popped" instead of baked or fried. In fact, that's their slogan: think popped! never baked, never fried!

Since I'm not sure how chips are made anyway--I mean, I guess baked means in the oven and fried means in a fryer of fat like french fries yum, but how? what? popped?--I can only assume that popping has something to do with pressure. Or something.

So these chips are made of pressure, and they are very much like other chips but BETTER. Trust me. The first flavor I had was Salt and Pepper and OMG. I didn't need dip. I didn't need to follow them up with chocolate chips. I just need the delicious delicious taste of pop.

Plus, and this is the kicker for me, they are sort of HEALTHY. I guess pressure is like free calories or something because these have about 1/3 of the calories of any other kind of chip. Which means I can get three times as many! Mwa ha ha!

I loved them so much I bought a whole case of PopChips on Amazon. (I checked out where I could buy them on their website and well, I don't go to stores so I had to use the internet. But that's who I am. You probably can just get them at your regular grocery store since you probably don't have The Anxiety. While you're there can you get me some Ben and Jerry's ice cream? I haven't figured out how to buy that on the internet.)

After trying several of the flavors, my favorites are BBQ and Salt and Pepper. I was most disappointed with Original.. perhaps because it was just too different from a regular potato chip or maybe I just had a bad bag. My next case order will definitely include the Salsa Corn Chips and the Cheddar Corn Chips because I don't think I like corn chips and I want PopChips to prove me wrong with their supreme deliciousness and healthiness.

Will you like these? Yes. Here's how I know: since my discover only two short weeks ago, I have shoved them on everyone I know covertly. And everyone I know has been IN LOVE with the chips without even knowing my newfound and undying devotion. Get thee to the store. You need PopChips.

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