Monday, 5 January 2009

I met the highest lama, his accent sounded fine to me

heather Is it just us or is this the hardest work week of the whole entire year?

Because let's face it: you have been on vacation for at least two weeks. And even if your boss made you go into the office, it's not like you did any actual work, what with the tasty homemade baked goods and end-of-the-year top ten lists to read all over the internets. And if, for reasons inexplicable, you actually did do your job at your job, you were only working two days plus maybe a nubbin day, anyway.

Now there's this week, and the only thing that would make it bearable is saturated fat. But you can't have that, can you? Because you're still holding onto your resolutions.

Your in-tray, your inbox, your voicemail? All full. The projects you casually tossed aside in favor of dipping out early for holiday parties? They're due today.

Happy New Year, kids. You shouldn't have resolved to drink less.

To make your week a little more bearable, there's this: It's The Collective's one year anniversary! As you know, the traditional first year anniversary gift is paper. So, while you're trying to decide which gift to get us, we're going to entertain you with our greatest hits.

Here are my top five favorite posts from our first year:

5) I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues, by Kat!

4) Time Travel: a play (or whatever) in two parts (or whatever), by Jennie!

3) My first "resume" ever, by Abigail!

2) That's right Iceman, I am dangerous, Kat!'s debut origami video masterpiece.

1) Phone it in Friday: Back to the Future, Kat!'s second origami video masterpiece, by popular demand.

I also really loved The Great Wiener Mystery, our Halloween tale.

Thanks for sticking with us for a whole year. We could have done it without you, but it sure would have sucked.

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