Thursday, 8 January 2009

best in show

Jennie I almost forgot to post today, because I was off work sick earlier this week, and yesterday sucked all kinds of balls, so it sort of through my schedule off and so this morning I was driving to work all, "la la la, I am freezing, la la la, I am tired, la la la, I am hungry, la la la, ME WANT FOOD," when I realized, HOLY SHIT, it's totally my day to post and usually I have my posts done on WEDNESDAY NIGHT and I have no excuse for not posting already except that Joe's friend cooked us free dinner last night and then gave us brownies so I might have been in a food coma. Anyway.

My favorite Collective posts are those in which I learn something new. Something important. And so, some of my favorites include:

Tales from Inside The Bunny: A Book Review, by Abigail (wherein I learned that Hugh Hefner is totally gross)

Seacrest Out(side the law), by Heather Anne (wherein I learned that Ryan Seacrest is totally evil)

Air Turns to Water When Dioxide Tempts the Hydrogen, by Kat (wherein I learned that water (and therefore, alcohol) is totally awesome)

Also, I really liked the interviews.

Also also, I really liked the guest posts.

Also also also, the Canardies.

Carry on.

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