Wednesday, 18 March 2009

12 March 2009

Hey-oo! I meant to wait to at least try and maybe remember that after the Caps game on Saturday whenever it was that I ended up wandering back home to hopefully stay up long enough to write my drunk post for this week but it's Thursday, the 12th of March, and I don't know if you know this, but I've had a shit-ass day, like, FOR SERIOUS, it was one of, if not THE, worst days I've had since February Aught Seven, that I am duck on Thursday the 12th of March and I'm writing my drunk post now.

So we have this rule in our house, and it's not so much a rule as it is two former amatuer athletes carrying our baseless superstitions into our adult lives about a billion years later, but anyway we're very superstitious. And our superstitions mostly track along my favorite of the logical fallacies, namely correlation equals causation! (Sorry, I felt like that needed an exclamation pint.) ANYWAY. I have no idea whether or not what I am about to talk about has anything to do with what I am going to talk about, but OH WELL.

None of our teams win at the same time. Call it the law of averages or call it coincidence or call it TWO MORTAL ENEMIES SHOULD NEVER FRATRANIZE, but whatever the case whenever the Caps, Sabres, Orange, or Green Wave play their respective sports on the same day if we're lucky only one will win.

But today! Tulane held their motherfucking own against the motherfucking third team in the nation, which hell, is just as good as a win, motherfuckers! And the Caps beat the Flyers thank the fucking God! And the Sabres did something or other but I understand they won, too! And now we're waiting on Syracuse.

But also! Just before the Caps game tonight I found out that both Brash and Feds would be out for whatever the hell fluke injuries, and guess what shirts showed up in my mailbox yesterday! Yup, these:


CLEARLY had something to do with it.

And now I guess Syrcuse is losing by all of a point and my boyfriend is screaming his pretty little head off and my cat is not happy about this ONE BIT and also I'm out of my drink. And also I'm still pissed off about getting yelled at this morning.


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