Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Hello, Vegas? We'd like some more alcohol


So last Saturday night I did you all the great disservice of live-blogging my consumption of a bottle of wine complete with PhotoBooth pictures. I'm not a very good typer generally: since I type on this all day long at work, I tend to get sloppy on my MacBook's breathe-near-the-keys-to-spell keyboard, and I'm an awful typer while drinking. Good luck deciphering what nonsense (really) I'm plaguing you with. This is completely unedited. Obvs.

Greetings. I am at a local restaurant (only three blocks from my house). I used to have this rule about pajama pants and where you could wear them in public. Basically, if it was within your immediate sphere of life then you could totally do it. I don't remember ever following this rule (I wear pajama pants whenever I damn well feel like it), but it was an excuse I spouted forth to judgey eyes. Well, I'm employing a variation of that rule tonight. No, I'm wearing real pants, but I've brought my computer to a sit down restaurant. I'm getting some looks, but eh, this in my sphere of life. I'm joined by Amanda who was originally going to share the bottle with me and is now telling me I'm going to have to drink it all.

Crepes are for dinner and I'm starting with a bottle of Big House White ($20 a bottle!). I just ordered a mushroom chicken crepe served on a pile of scalloped potatoes. Glass one, here I come!

Glass One

The wine is really cold. Amanda tried to refill my glass before I was finished. I yelled! "I am doing a project! Glass counts are important!" Whenever I type, she pulls out her Blackberry. We're like that couple that can't talk to each other.

Glass Two down!

We have talked about:
crazy people
weddings (laaaaaaame)
church some more
people who dont beleive in psychology (wha???)

Amanda swears that the same people keep walking bye. OVER AND OVER AGAIN. ("I swear.") the guy ehind me is reading the menu outloud to his date. "I've never been here for dinner." My server, VERONICA, just tried to take my plate away. "I'm not DONE YET!" I yelled on account of there are AT LEAST three bites left

Glass Three:

I have to pee really bad but waited til I finished the glass. Amanda says that if I go pee, I wn't be druk anymore. LIES.

Glass Four:

We've finsihed our dinner crepes adn dessert crepes (I got nutella, starwberries and bananas crepes for dessert, delish). There is still a glass left in the bottle. I can't drink it right now. CRISIS. I' puting the botttle in my purse and we're going to drink it athe salvation army. standard. teh wine is up to nmy nexct. nect. neck. dammit. amanda hates dogs. do you htin it's ironic if a "my other car is.." car has the type of other car following it? i dnt think nso. mamadna does. hang, on , im going to show yuo a weird poster:


Glass Five (partial glass):

that was hard to drink especially since I took t on e big swill. amanda wouldnt let me take tit it to the salvation armhy booooo. d o you guys think it looks like ashlye in this picture?i do . cant expaine why. today is her birthda!!!! happy birtheayda ashley!!!!!!!!

Glass Six (partial glass):

there is is. me finishing it. it burned a little, fyi. now, on to the whine store. or whatever. TTYLhahhhha.

post-six, an hour later:
well, wine shop was a bust too croweded. amanda got soe champagne ut i was all overhwleped. we ran into a friend form college that i hadnt seen in five years. unexpected and awakward since i was so not prepared to be hot. we walked home and i stumpbelec a lot. i wanted some little diebbie oatleaml cream pies but riete aid didnt hae tehm. lame.

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