Tuesday, 31 March 2009

it's a crazy life, but it's my life

AbsInternets, I have been working a lot. Like... sometimes I come home from work and go to bed and DON'T EVEN CHECK MY EMAIL BEFORE FALLING ASLEEP. Actually, no, that is a lie. That never, ever happens. But I do spend way less time on my computer at home and when I'm at work I'm actually working. So, this is a good time to assess what I really care about on the internet.

After I check my emails, I open google reader. My first category is called The Collective Collective and is a collection (ha ha) or the blogs written and neglected by the writers of this site. Wonder Killer, i hate kit kats, and this site, are all sites I read immediately, as soon as I spot a new post. This google reader category is my most frequented and I wish the most updated. Best blogs ever, am I right?

Then there's mint.com. Mint is everything right with the internet. Mint tracks all my expenses, all my bills, and sends me text messages that say, "stop drinking so much Starbucks, you idiot!" Mint is hooked up to all my accounts including all my credit cards I'm trying to pay off and it helps me track everything as well as keep a budget. In fact, it doesn't just help, it does it ALL. Decision making is mostly easy: I just have to ask Mint.

And... well... that's all I've been living off lately. Eating out, working too much, but still reading the best internet out there (and doing some bad ass online banking). Same stuff you're doing.

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