Tuesday, 15 September 2009

How many categories does Monica have for towels?

Abs One of my many-numbered non-issues is that I make a chore out of nearly everything. Getting out of bed? Chore. Putting clothes on? Chore. Eating? Chore. Chore. Chore. As you can imagine, this makes like pretty annoying. Good thing I have my complaining outlet.

The thing, there is some stuff that doesn't even make sense.

Like Taking a Shower. I hate it so much, you guys. First of all, you have to take your clothes off. Which = freezing cold. As someone who is already wearing pants and long sleeves as to protect myself from both outside air and air conditioning, I do not like taking my clothes off (sorry, boys). Even the promise of a warm shower isn't helpful, because, and this is the kicker, when you get out of the shower you are back in the cold and now WET. PLUS, you can't put any clothes on because you're soaking wet. So you have rub yourself with a towel, which, ick. I think I'm probably doing it wrong because this seems like a totally ineffective way of getting dry and still involves being naked. So, while I try this, I usually end up back in bed, huddled under the covers with my towel, waiting out the cold, wet, horrible post-shower sensation.

Taking a shower is the worst chore ever. Hells no do I do it every day. I can't handle that on top of everything else. You know, getting out of bed. Eating. Life, in general.


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