Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Meet Maddie!



This is Maddie. I grew up with Maddie and then she lived with my mom for a long while. Last year my mom moved cross country and now resides just down the freeway from me. She brought Maddie.

maddie outdoors

Maddie is the sweetest dog I have ever known. She is a 10-year-old yellow lab and loves people more than anything. She is lacking any fatal flaws. Maddie lives with my mom, but a few days a month she gets to party with me while my mom is traveling. Maddie comes everywhere with me because I cry if I have to leave her behind. (She cries too.)

Guarding the picnic table

She even comes to work with me where she helps seal envelopes and answer phones. (Not really. She just sleeps and worries about me leaving her behind.)

maddie at the office

Maddie is very smart. She always knows what is going on, what people are talking about, and whether or not she is a) getting left behind, or b) getting fed. She tries to trick people into feeding her extra meals and she is very good at begging with her sweet brown eyes.

Having an adventure

She starts playing the 6-Inch-Follow when she knows you are getting ready for the day. As soon as I put a bra on, she doesn't leave by side. Somehow she thinks that by closing the distance between us she will be more likely to come along for the ride.

Maddie always wants to be close to you.

When Maddie is happy she rubs her head against you and mrrrs. It's very, very cute.

Maddie is shockingly well-behaved. She never needs to be on a leash because she understands that the adults are in charge. She always waits for the go ahead.

But when she does get something she likes it is gone instantly. Maddie is a little piggie.

I understand why people say dog is man's best friend. Maddie is certainly mine. Life is just better with her (literally and figuratively) in the passenger seat.

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