Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Guest Post: Kat! is an asshole

heather It's guest post week here at the Collective, and the topic is one of our all-time favorites: assholes. Please welcome my sister/tater, Jenn. (Hi, Jenn!)

Unless you're related to me, or are behaving like a moron in the parking lot, I don't really care if you're an asshole. I understand that you probably are an asshole and that it makes you feel important and probably pretentious and what ever else, fine, fine, go ahead and get on with it then. I just don't really care. That's your thing, and I'll leave you to it.

The only assholery I generally care about (aside from family and asshole drivers) is Kat's. And the only assholery of Kat's that I care about is her ability to do everything. Because part of that superhero power is the ability to cook. Really, really cook. And not only that, but she deigns to share her knowledge and, well, not power exactly, but...yeah, ok, let's go with knowledge...over at in kat's kitchen. (aren't the lowercase letters adorable?), which in turn means I can cook and garner praise for myself, which I guess makes me kind of an asshole too. I love the praise.

In fact, I love it so much that I have learned to make this recipe my bitch. I cooked it recently during a family beach vacation to all sorts of praise and adoration.

(Also, if I weren't an asshole and could remember to take pictures, you'd see photos of Roasted Potato Wedges with Herbed Butter, Chicken a la Brasa, Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables and Chocolate Chip Cookies. All recipes you can find at Kat's asshole kitchen blog, where she even has asshole videos about how's she's such an asshole that she can peel an onion with one swift movement of her asshole hand.)

Actually, looking at these photos makes me realize that Super Cooking Power doen't so so much make Kat an asshole, as much as it makes her someone who should move next door to me. Do you guys think Accio works on people?

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