Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Friends to know and ways to grow

Abs I should be kicked out of The Collective. Last time we did this, I posted Peefer's Goodreads review of a book that I hadn't even read. Since then, you guys, I have read all seven Harry Potters (in less than a month) and finished no other books. Totally a kick-outable offense. But, how about some books I haven't finished?

Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger (author of Devil Wears Prada and another stupid book)
I made it exactly one chapter into this book before dying of a) boredom and b) embarrassment on behalf of the author. How can you write people like this? Awful. It's my own fault. I'd read both of Weisberger's other books and while I appreciated the novelty of Prada, I suffered through the other one that was about a party planner slash editor? Or something? And there was this Plot B about romance novels? Bad news. And yet, I saw this book and I was like, yes, good choice. A quote from the first chapter:
Emmy looked to Leigh for help but Leigh nodded in agreement. "I can't believe I'm saying this, [ed. note: I can't believe I'm reading this again] but I have to agree with Adriana. You're a serial monogamist and as a result have only ever been with three people in any significant capacity. I think what Adi's saying"--she was able to sneak in a single use of the hated nickname here because Adriana was distracted on multiple fronts by food, drink, and sex conversation--"is that you should be single for a little while. And being single means dating different people, figuring out who and what work best for you, and, most of all, having a little fun."
A three-way dare followed this in which Emmy decided to get slutty, Andriana decided to try monogamy, and I can't remember what Leigh's pact was. I just looked it up and she hadn't decided yet. So they made the pact and she had two weeks to figure out her thing. Thus ended the first chapter. It's just so lame, you guys. That's the premise of the book.

Organizational Behavior by Robbins & Judge
This textbook is lying in my bed currently not being read. It needs to get read though as it is required reading for my organizational behavior course for school. UGH. Did I tell you all I went back to school? I did. I'm getting my MBA so I can make all my dreams come true. To get it I have to read a lot which I'm not very good at on account of I can't even come up with a list of books I've finished in months. The book is about psychology of management which as a topic is very interesting. Just not as interesting as say, Ranch Rush.

It Sucked and Then I Cried by Heather Armstrong (Dooce)
The only reason why I haven't finished this book is because I feel guilty whenever I'm reading it. Guilty that I should be reading certain organizational behavior books instead of books by the internet. I'm enjoying this, though. You can tell it's blog-to-book in some parts, but since I've never gone back to read all her archives, it's still new material to me. I like it and recommend. Some day I might finish it! (In December, maybe, when I have no more stupid school reading.)

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