Thursday, 24 May 2012

Britta, you put one wash-away blue streak in your hair. I lost an arm.

Jennie  I really love the idea of dying my hair but in actuality, I'm far too lazy to keep up with it. The last time I dyed my hair was before I got married, and that was at my mom's urging. It was fun, though! It was kind of red because spending my formative years watching The X-Files made me YEARN for red hair.

That was like two years ago, though, and my hair hasn't seen a drop of dye since, as evidenced by the gray hairs that peek through whenever I pull my hair into a ponytail. I kind of like them, though, all streaky and silver, so I haven't really felt any need to cover them up. I do like the idea of a complete makeover, though. I mean, aren't those the best part of any reality show ever anyway? YES. (Yes is the correct answer, don't argue with me.) So I found this website (completely addictive, as all the best websites are) where you can try on different hair colors and styles before you totally ruin your hair AND IT IS SO MUCH FUN.

Here is me but like Three Years Ago Me not Now Me. The problem with this website is that you need a full-frontal (hee), normal picture of just your face and I have, like, zero of those.

Bleep bloop.

Scully me:

That's completely illogical, Mulder.
Blonde Curly me:

Country music star!

Cher Hair:

Or whatever.

What I will look like once all of my hair turns gray (fingers crossed!):

I've gone Total Rogue!

Tami Taylor!

Hey, y'all!

Is this my worst post ever*?




kat said...

oh, adam scott.

Jennie said...

He really has the best hair of all the hair.

Joe G. said...

That picture was your profile picture.

Jennie said...

Hmm, it must have been a similar one because it wasn't that one. That one was taken after we met.

Heather Anne Hogan said...

Tami Taylor's hair is a marvel.