Friday, 18 May 2012

All this has happened before and all this will happen again.

Jennie  I live in (and am from) Dayton, OH. People like to shit all over Dayton (literally...OK, not really that I know of, except for birds and stuff) but it's not that bad. Like a lot of manufacturing towns, Dayton was hit hard by the economic clusterfuck of the last few years, but things are getting better. In my view, anyway, which ADMITTEDLY is narrow. But whatever, Dayton is home of:

Paul Laurence Dunbar

I write poems and stuff!

The Schuster Center, which is pretty and shiny:

Oooh, reflecty.

The Victoria Theatre, which has history coming out of its ass:


The Dayton Dragons...some people like baseball!

People will come, Ray.

Bart Simpson Nancy Cartwright...hey, my mom went to HS with her!

Whatever and stuff!

West Wingers Martin Sheen, Rob Lowe (well, raised in), Allison Janney (AND CJ Cregg!)


John Dorian, friend of Turk Turkleton, choreographer of the greatest dance of our time:


So dapper. And aerodynamic.

So. You know. We've got that going for us. (Other stuff, too, probably!)

Why yes, I have written something very similar to this (but better and with more effort) before.


Joe G. said...

One of these days, we're going to see Alison Janney on the street somewhere, and I am going to LOSE MY SHIT. Full-on nerd meltdown.

Jennie said...

OK, well, you do that and I'll have a nice conversation with CJ Cregg.

Kiti said...

Not particularly relevant, but I had no idea that Bart Simpson was actually a cute-pretty woman. Awesomazing!

And while I'm not familiar with Dayton, I've learned over the past three years to have a lot of good-natured affection for Ohio. Like just today, I learned about something called a "state liquor store", which is located inside another store (which store also might sell liquor outside the state liquor store part but somehow it's a totally different store thing - wtf?), and I didn't quite get it because it was very confusing but apparently it's a special Ohio thing. Oh yes, Sidney Bristow went to college a few miles from my house.

Jennie said...

I think I know what you're talking about...have you ever been to Jungle Jim's? There's a liquor store inside the actual store. It's weird.

Heather Anne Hogan said...

"FUCKING FLIGHT." Hahahahaha!!!

eclectic said...

Any city that can stand up to the enormous amounts of awesome that you and Joe exude has to be more awesome and amazing than even Wikipedia can explain.