Friday, 11 May 2012

this is completely off topic and makes very little sense because apparently the change in season makes me CRAZY

Jennie I feel like I got completely cheated out of my favorite seasonal change, that is, the moment frigid, stupid winter turns into beautiful, frolic-through-the-field spring. Not that I mind that we didn't get much snow or ice, but I feel like now I'm just taking the nice weather for granted. I mean, I appreciate the nice weather, I do. But am I appreciating it enough? There's something about that first warm day after months of below freezing temperatures. That thrill as you walk outside, feel the warmth on your skin, like you've just arrived on the planet, and blinking, you step out of your spaceship and into the sun. You feel like there's more to see than can ever been seen. More to do than can ever be done...THE CIRCLE OF LIIIIIIIIFE.

Ahem. I just ripped off both The Lion King and Doctor Who, I think!


[WARNING: the random nonsense below contains Doctor Who spoilers through series 4ish. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.] 

Can I tell you about the Doctor Who dream I had the other night? Please? I know that writing about your dreams is breaking, like, Blogging Rule Number One and if I keep going, I might get kicked out of the Bloggers Alliance* or something, but just pretend it wasn't a dream and it really happened (that's what I'm doing, since it involved making out with David Tennant) and that should make it more interesting, OK? OK, so, I was me and yet not me, if that makes sense. Well. Even if it doesn't make sense, it's still true. I was not really me, obviously, because I wasn't married and I was in space with fictional characters. DUH ANYWAY. I was on my way to a party at a really rich girl's house, but she lived on another planet (like rich girls so often do) so I needed my friends the 11th Doctor, Amy and Rory Pond, Rose Tyler, and the 10th Doctor Clone. DON'T ask me how Rose and the Clone Doctor got out of their parallel universe because I DON'T KNOW.

So we got to this party and everyone hated us for some reason. Maybe because we were from the wrong part of The Universe. Or because I was hanging out with two Doctors and they were jealous, which is completely understandable. I somehow got separated from all of my friends (MY SPACE FRIENDS) and ended up wandering around the party, running into people like Beyonce and Martha Stewart, who are so obviously aliens, it all makes sense now THANK YOU, BRAIN. Also, this girl (whoever she was) had such a massive mansion that there was A STORE INSIDE. What? That doesn't even make sense, BRAIN, I revoke my earlier gratitude!

Eventually I found the Clone Doctor and we fell in love. It all happened very quickly and yet made total sense. Like dreams do. And I felt really bad about it because I was friends with Rose Tyler and I didn't want her to be sad, but I ALSO didn't want to miss out on the chance to make out with my favorite Time Lord (WE WERE IN LOVE), so WHATEVER, fuck you, Rose Ty-lah! So Clone Doctor and I walked around the party looking for a private place to make out but we kept running into the 11th Doctor, who took a picture of us kissing and texted it to Rose. WHAT AN ASSHOLE. I don't remember anymore because I woke up the end.

The most disappointing part of all of this (aside from not being able to find a private room in this GIANT MANSION) was that the 9th Doctor wasn't there, I guess because even in my dreams, Christopher Eccleston is so totally over Doctor Who. I told Joe about my dream the next morning and how my brain was writing fan fiction (that my body can't cash) and he said that I basically had a dream about Gossip Girl but cast Doctor Who characters in place of Gossip Girl characters. I like to think that I at least cast myself as Blair. A girl can dream, can't she?



scott said...

I feel the same way, except opposite. The first cool day after summer is like rebirth for me. I love it so much. It actually makes me a happier person.

I've never seen Doctor Who or Gossip Girl. I think one or more of my children might watch Doctor Who. I do dream though, but not like that. Mostly about real life or things I've read.

Hello, Jennie (and Collective).

Jennie said...

Ooh, Scott, I really like that day, too. I prefer the mild temperatures, whether they come after extreme cold or extreme heat.

Hello! Scott. :)

kat said...

Yup, I'm with Scott. Yay for autumn!

Heather Anne Hogan said...

I honestly didn't think this post could get any better and then you ended it with a Blair Waldorf GIF.

Heather Anne Hogan said...

Also, I wish you wrote about Doctor Who all the days.

Kiti said...

1. I would be fine with living in a place that didn't have seasons, and the weather was just great all the time. But my first two winters in Ohio, I felt as if I was in Narnia when spring came. The snow would start to melt and drip from trees, the ground would start to show bits of green instead of white, and I kept fighting the urge to exclaim "Aslan is on the move!"
2. I would gladly make out with both the 9th and 10th Doctors, which basically indicates that I have a weird thing for skinny funny-looking men with British accents. There's nothing wrong with the 11th Doctor, but he just seems so YOUNG, so I would feel creepy macking on him.
3. I wish I could cast myself as Blair, but I am actually more of a Serena.

Jennie said...

h!a!, I wish I got paid to write about Doctor Who all the days. In my pajamas. With Max on my lap. (This is a bad fantasy to have on a Monday, don't mind me. Hee.)


1. That is the best description of winter to spring I've ever heard.

2. Matt Smith is actually my age but I do feel like he's much younger than me. As the Doctor anyway. He's very childlike so yes, making out with him would be totally awkward. Heh.

3. Serena has such pretty hair. Like, literally the best head of hair in existence right now, I think.

Kiti said...

I would love to get paid to write about Doctor Who and a host of other things. But not in my pajamas. I actually don't like wearing pajamas for activities other than sleeping.

I wish I had Serena's hair. My hair is naturally blonde, but not as fabulous as Serena's.