Thursday, 10 May 2012

Driving in the sun

 Abs I go camping twice a year to the same place: a canyon by a beach right outside Los Angeles. It's fireside and ocean side and city side and it is my favorite place. When I go in September it's 70 degrees with a chill at night. When I go in January it's 70 degrees with a chill at night. The seasons don't change here. I live in paradise, every day.


Ashley said...

Waaaay to brag. Yesterday we had a haboob in Tucson. It was crazy!

kat said...

What's a haboob? I realize I could Google it I guess but I'd much rather hear your explanation.

Also, boob. Heh.

Jennie said...


Ashley said...

It's basically a ginormous dust storm, and I have no idea about the science, but imagine a great wall of dirt coming straight at you, and that's a haboob.

Also, yesterday when I learned about haboobs for the first time, I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING. And I was at work. And it was my boss saying "haboob."

Here's some pictures:

scott said...

Sounds like a lovely place.

Also this: Boob.

Hello, Abigail (and Collective).