Tuesday, 1 May 2012

 Abs A lot of things gross me out. Lotion, beans, sponges, cockroaches, getting wet, babies, etc., etc. Not a lot of things creep me out. I have little-to-no stranger danger and I find shifty individuals entertaining.

But I have a flickr account (that I used to use) and there are these CREEPERS that CREEP THROUGH old PHOTOS and FAVORITE them. Which do they favorite? Super weird fetish related things. My pictures never seem weird (just me and my girlfriends being funny and/or drunk) until I get a CREEPER favorite it and then I see the picture with whole new eyes. Like, I mean, I guess I shouldn't have posed with that stack of hangers at Ikea.

And how do I know it's a creeper? When you click on their profile and all their favorites are hanger pictures. What the hell. HEEBIE JEEBIES.


Unknown said...

OMG YES. My boyfriend always has scruff, which I mentioned once on a flickr photo caption and ever since then some psycho favorites all photos with him in it. It got to the point where I had to go through and individually block public access to all photos with Adam in it and continue to do so. I've blocked the guy a number of times and he always comes up with some new name. The worst part is his original handle was BeardFan. BEARDFAN.

kat said...

oh man, remember when that dude (i assume) favorited that picture of me in dish gloves? CREEPY.

Ashley said...

I now have an urge to remove all my pictures from flickr.


Jennie said...

YES to this. Super creepy. Also, once I posted a picture that I'd taken from my apartment balcony and some random guy commented and said he knew where I lived. WHAT.

You can call me, 'Sir' said...


Have you ever been to Sarah Brown's (of Que Sera Sera fame) flikr account? You can get lost in that place for hour after hour of being entertained through her camera lens. Is that weird? I used to wonder whether there was something creepy about a stranger looking at someone else's photos, but it's more like she's writing a really funny autobiography using digital pictures.

In any case, I can't even begin to imagine what could've caused the derailment of life's train that would lead to a hangar fetish.