Friday, 19 September 2008

avast, me hearties

You know what doesn't make our tummies hurt? Talk Like a Pirate Day. Because. Um. Pirates = awesome. It's like the easiest math in the world.

Apparently lots of other stuff makes our tummies hurt, though. What about you, Internets? What makes you want to poo your pants?


Dear Internets, please use today's comments to NOT ONLY tell us what makes your tummy hurt, but also ask us some questions. We will answer them in a couple weeks. You may ask us as a group, or if you want to know where Kat learned her sweet cooking skills or how Heather Anne got so nice or if Abigail has ever considered stalking Ed Helms or how many times Jennie fell down yesterday . . . you may ask us individually. You get it. I mean, it's pretty easy. Please ask lots, otherwise our posts will be really, really short.

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