Thursday, 30 July 2009

if only I had a cupboard under the stairs...

Jennie I have two problems. Well, two problems that relate to the topic this week. 1) I take forever to get rid of things and 2) Heidi and I just moved to a teeny tiny apartment with NO STORAGE WHATSOEVER.

So. Back before we moved, I decided it was time to get busy. Heh, get busy. I went through all of the stuff in my room and in the storage closets (oh, storage closets, how I miss you) and got rid of SO! MUCH! STUFF! you guys. Boxes and boxes full of stuff I'd been hanging onto for no raisin. It was such a good feeling. A high, if you will. So I kept doing it until I ran out of things to get rid of. That's right. Everything I own is absolutely essential because duh, that's why I keep it.

Your definition of essential may differ from mine but I hate to tell you this: YOU'RE WRONG. Anyway. Here are my essentials:

Things I find in the street (Me: Look at this sweet dinosaur I found while I was running! I named him Roary. Heidi: Wait, did you pick that up out of the street? Me: What, I totally washed it!):


Things that survived a friend break-up:


Things that ARE AWESOME:

boot cup Harold
penguin finger puppet! taming the wild beast

Things I have stolen:

L 001

Chairs that are TOTALLY BROKEN and should be thrown away, but have sentimental value:

MacGyvering the chair

Hats that I'll probably never wear again:

sad cowboy tea party

Collective souvenirs (they go in The Collective Archives obviously):

archives 004 drunk notes
Kat and I dear douche bag


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