Wednesday, 1 July 2009

You wrote the song I want to play.

My original plan was to sing praise to all of you lovely commenters who have ever left lovely comments about me, but not to literally sing of course, as I am afraid that would be more torture than reward, and reward I think several of you deserve for letting me know just how funny and pretty and smart and awesome and all around THE BEST HUMAN BEING ON THE PLANET you think I am.

And oh yes, I am.

But then I realized how busy I've been over the last couple of months, and how much time it would take to go through all of your comments to find the real gems, comments like "You're funny!" and "You're pretty!" and "You're smart!" and "You're awesome!" and "You're all around THE BEST HUMAN BEING ON THE PLANET!", and really, they are so bountiful that it would take about 52.7 billion years to catalogue them all (I'm also good at math) and like I said, I've been busy. I've been SO BUSY in fact, that I think I've left exactly 0.6346 comments on the internet in 721 days.

Some would say that this does not make me awesome, and to that I would say "You are wrong, mister!" Because you would be. Because in my estimation there are 4.6 trillion readers who read this supremely awesome web log and never comment either, and what makes those 4.6 trillion readers any less appreciated that the (relatively) small percentage that do? Especially since I am one of them!

So, lurkers of the world unite! Be appreciated, gosh darn it!

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