Wednesday, 29 July 2009

It's my industrial strength hair dryer, and I NEED it to survive!

Squeezing a 13-pound cat, at 6-foot-tall boy, and a little girl with a lot of books into 812 square feet is real tough, man. It's so tough we've had a moratorium on receiving presents for the last five years because THERE'S NO MORE ROOM SO STOP SENDING US SHIT. Ahem.

So yeah, we've got no room and the rule is that if one of us wants, say, a shirt, we have to first get rid of a shirt and consequently every few months or so Goodwill gets four whole garbage bags full of shoes and clothes and that's about it, because over the years we've already gotten rid of whatever useless flotsam and jetsam is lingering about the place, taking up precious, precious space.

So double yeah, this week's topic is pretty much a bust for me because everything I own I NEED, except for maybe Seth's skis and golf clubs and hockey equipment and I'm pretty sure if I got rid of all that stuff both he and Winston would murder me.

The end.

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