Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Five Best Sauces

Sauce is probs dot com my favorite food. I mean, what other food can cover everything else? Nothing, that's what. Thus, just like paper covers rock and wins, SAUCE WINS. I've always had a thing for sauce (#68: I love sauce) and this thing keeps evolving more and I get weirder and weirder about what food I eat and don't eat, like a don't like. Get a plate of vegetables, though--or just a spoon--and any of these sauces and I'm good to go.

1. Ranch Dressing

Isn't that picture soothing? I want to stare at it all day. Ranch goes with everything. Meat, potatoes, veggies. Ranch makes even the boringest flavors delicious. I especially like it with my carbs: on bread, with pizza, and definitely with fries. For an extra kick, I occasionally add a few drops of Tabasco to my ranch cup.

2. Sweet Chili Sauce from Trader Joe's
Five Best Sauces
I eat this for dinner (egg rolls on the side) at least once a week. It's sweet, it's spicy, it's sour, it's sweet some more. Plus it's pink and comes in an adorable bottle. McDonald's and Burger King's Sweet and Sour deserve a shout out in this section as well. They're all part of the same family. And though I could totally tell them apart in a blindfold taste test, I enjoy them all equally.

3. Taramind Sauce at BJ's Brewhouse that comes with their avocado egg rolls

People who say they could never be vegetarian have clearly never eaten this dish. It's likely that I would pick this as my one (never-ending) meal to take with me on to a deserted island. I don't know how to recreate this at home and I'm not really sure what's in it, but it's sweetish like teriyaki but totally different. It's light. After finishing my egg rolls, I always end up dragging the shredded carrot garnish bit by bit threw the sauce to get every last bit. This sauce would also be good with grilled chicken or something like jicama but it really shines paired with the creamy fat of avocadoes. Mmmm.

4.Teriyaki Sauce

This thick, sweet soy/sugar combo reminds me of my first apartment (2004). It is the only place I have ever cooked regularly. I had a huge thing of teriyaki sauce and my roommate and I would shop around on Saturday mornings for the best deal on boneless, skinless chicken breasts and then marinate and eat teriyaki chicken all week long. Now my favorite way to consume teriyaki sauce is on the teriyaki chicken sandwich from Red Robin. Teriyaki and pineapple, yum.

5. Caramel Sauce

This is the purest form of candy to me. You know that saying about how life is short and you should eat dessert? Or whatever? Caramel sauce is the only thing that really makes me feel that sentiment. I love it by itself, but also enjoy it with ice cream and at Starbucks. One Christmas I received three giant bottles of Starbucks caramel as gifts. Apparently I'm really vocal about my loves. (Another year I received three nalgene flasks. Those come in handy when going through metal detectors, I tell you what.)

Honorable mention: The corn salsa from Chipotle. I've been told it does not qualify as a sauce.


kat said...

bernaise is the best sauce of all the sauces.

Jennie said...

I like to dip pretzels in ranch dressing. I'm gonna have to try that tabasco thing.

Melissa Coleman said...

I am totally in love with you. Seriously. I thought I was the only one who dipped and poured with every meal. You hit all 5 of these on the head! I bow down!

Sally said...

Dude, whadda bout momma's cream cider apple onion butter sauce made for the chicken and rice meal?

xoxo momma

mysterygirl! said...

Oooh, another vote for tzatziki here. And yay, caramel sauce...

(Jennie, I too love pretzels in ranch. Also, tater tots in ranch.)

Ashley said...

All of these are good because of:
1. Bacon
2. Crab Puffs
3. Teriyaki burgers.

Also, other good sauces: green chile, plum, pesto, vodka, marsala, curry, peanut, aioli, horeradish mayo, parmesan mayo.

I could go on FOREVER.

Cate said...

Probs dot com!

Also, can sally make us that sauce she's talking about?

Abigail said...

kat: i am not fancy enough to like bernaise sauce.

jennie: pretzels in ranch is delish. so is pretzels in frosting. sweet/salty mmmm.

melissa: come to CA and we will go to BJs!

sally: i don't remember what that tastes like. you should make it.

mg!: i like tater tots with ANY SAUCE.

ashley: aioli is sooo good. i make a pretty good one to go with sweet potato fries.

cate: i am working on sally. will you come visit if she does? (probs dot com.)