Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Pop quiz, hot shot.

Thanks to the magic of Blogger, today's post is being posted even though its writer is currently stranded in the middle of the ocean with no telephone and no internet and nowhere to go except the stupid boat she's on. Enjoy.

Travel to Britain or Belgium?

Don't make me choose! There is so much of Britain left unexplored, and so many Belgian beers left to drink, but as I am currently planning a trip to Brussels and Bruges (and Amsterdam) for early summer, I guess that answers that question.

Prepare appetizers or desserts?

My two favorite meals are appetizers and desserts. And I do both rather spectacularly, I might add. But appetizers are far more forgiving, and being forgiving allows for more experimentation, so appetizers it is!

Be forced to root for the Rangers or the Lightning?

I've got no beef with the Tampa Bay Lightning, even if they are in our division. See, (as of this writing) we've got a 16-point lead on our next closest divisional rival, because we RULE. And I really don't hate the Rangers at all, though I DO hate Sean Avery, so I guess the Lightning?

Read Austen or Dickens?

Dickens! If for no other reason than I'll never run out of new things to read.

Watch Futurama or Glee?

Easy: Futurama. I watch Glee, but I don't love it. In fact, of all the admittedly few television programs I do watch, Glee is by far the worst of the bunch.

Shag Brooks Laich or Chuck Klosterman?

Well, Brooks Laich has about a billion social diseases, and aside from that I'd be mortified if someone labeled me a puck bunny for shagging him. And Chuck Klosterman is a married man, and married men are bad news. So neither.


Jennie said...

If you need someone to eat these appetizers and desserts, I would like to volunteer.

mysterygirl! said...

Oh, why are you blaspheming Brooksie so?

You'll have to tell me the best things to do in Brussels after your trip.