Monday, 4 January 2010

Only the one divorce in '99!

heatherCan you believe it's been over a decade since The One With All The Resolutions? I really thought we'd have hoverboards by now.

Anyway, it's 2010! Time to make some resolutions! Here are mine:

1) Finish the BBC Big Read's Top 100. I only have about 30 left.

2) Watch the following TV on DVD: How I Met Your Mother, BSG, Buffy. I really feel like there's a cultural gash on my life because I haven't watched those shows.

3) Learn to write an awesome TV recap. Study, study. Write, write, write.

4) Drink less caffeine.

5) Learn to effectively use the power of the To Do list. People with To Do lists seem so much more efficient at life. I am going to need help with this one. HELP!

1 comment:

Kirby said...

Buffy is the best I bought the whole series at Costco couple years ago - you must watch. I'm watching BSG now - tonight it was Season 3, disk 3... wish I had disk 4.