Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I'm listening to the kind of music she doesn't like

AbsSimilarly to Heather, there are a lot things that I find pleasurable that people try to make me feel guilty about. Things like sleeping a lot and not showering very often and watching TV all the time. Oh. And the FarmVille forums. That's just who I am. But there are a few things I have a hard time admitting.

1) McDonald's Chicken McNuggets

I eat a lot of normal food and hardly anything really bad. My go to "fast food" restaurants are Chick-fil-A and Chipotle. I stay away from bad stuff cause it makes my tummy hurt. Vegetables are like my favorite food. So having McDonald's for dinner feels so wrong. I feel like Spurlock is watching me. And yet, it just tastes soooo goooood. Ten piece nuggets with Diet Coke and sweet and sour sauce. Now that is delicious food.

2) Following celebrities on Twitter

I feel so ashamed at my obsession with reading this stuff. But it's so fun.

3) My reading habits

I read A LOT of words every day. They just happen to be in the internet and not on tree-killing paper. I feel defensive about this because my book-reading habits are laaaame. The last book I read was only a week ago (shockingly) but it was a Nora Roberts book. And I liked it. I actually loved it. I would read it again.


Jennie said...

I read Fast Food Nation and they had the most disgusting description of how Chicken McNuggets are made but I would still eat them.

sarah g said...

I really like Nora, also.

Yet, if I'm going with the fast food... I go all out. Ya'know.. "two all beef patties..special sauce"..

(stupid pop up thing now :( )

Ashley said...

Spurlock IS watching you.

kat said...

i did that chipotle burrito calorie counter thing once and didn't eat another thing for a week. now i do the sensible thing and sit out the burrito challenges.

Abigail said...

the thing about chipotle is that even though it's a lot of calories, at least it's all real food. (which means it will kill you for different reasons.)

plus also, it fills me up way more than any other 900 calorie meal.

mmmmm chipotle.

Never That Easy said...

Nora Roberts is one of my favorite authors, and I feel absolutely no guilt about it. The romance genre gets no respect, but if you're telling a compelling story, I don't think it should matter what shelf the bookstore thinks you belong on. (Which is not to say that I didn't have some moments of "I can't friend these people on Goodreads! They are reading the Classics, and I am reading stuff you can buy at the grocery store!" but then I decided I was underestimating people and told myself to get over it.)

And chicken nuggets are the reason I like honey on my french fries. Because they used to give you honey to dip the nuggets in (do they still?), and it would get all over the fries, and holy crap, that is yummy.

eclectic said...

Awhile back, my SIL gave me the "Born In" trilogy by Nora Roberts. They were good, and besides, one of the characters was named Grayson... which, AWESOME.

Kiti said...

Georgette Heyer--Doesn't exactly count as either a romance writer or a guilty pleasure, but her books are being reissued by Harlequin, so she definitely seems like a guilty pleasure, and thus you get the best of both worlds. Read her; she is AWESOME.

mysterygirl! said...

I love McNuggets with sweet and sour sauce, too! Also with hot mustard.

And I just read cheesy crime novels at the pool all week, so I am nobody to judge your book selections. I applaud anyone who reads words in any form.