Monday, 21 May 2012

And I'm a huge fan of the way you lose control and turn into an enormous green rage monster.


This week's Collective topic is: Could you pull off a different hair color.

And my answer is: We're about to find out.

'Cause, y'all, at the tender age of 33, grey hairs are starting to take over my head! I saw the first one on my 28th birthday, and I was like, "LOL, that's cute!" And then when I was 30, I was plucking out a couple of them every month. And now I'm this age and every time I look in the mirror, it's like they're manning an assault on my skull. People keep telling me to stop ripping the hairs out of my head, but they weird me out. I guess I could get my hair colored or something, but then I'd have to get it re-colored and re-colored and re-colored and frankly I'd rather spend that money on comic books.

Huh. I guess I'll stop this hair nonsense and only start worrying about getting old when I'd rather buy groceries instead of Avengers Legos.


Jennie said...

I feel this way about all my grey hairs but I don't pull them out. I think they look kind of cool, all silvery blended in with the rest of my hair. LIKE I'M ROGUE. But my Rogue-streak is all spread out, not just in one place. I don't even know what I'm saying right now. Hi!

Heather Anne Hogan said...

Anna Paquin kind of ruined Rogue for me. Does that make me a horrible person?

Jennie said...

NOT AT ALL. She's terrible.

kat said...

Anna Paquin IS terrible.

I don't really know what I'm doing about my grey hair (now that I think it's actually growing in earnest) either. People at work keep asking if I'm going to dye it, but I'm not quite sure I'm vain enough to.

Heather Anne Hogan said...

I am so glad you guys don't like her either. It makes me feel less alone.

Oh, and the grey hair thing too.

I love you, is what I am saying.

linster said...

I still would rather buy Avengers Legos than groceries and I probably have mostly gray hairs. You've got a lot of worry-free years ahead. (A head? Never mind.)

Ashley said...

I'm going black, not grey, which is apparently something that happens to everyone in my family.

We have all this beautiful -- sob -- wonderful thin (thin strands, but lots of them), wavy hair, and then as we get older it's replaced by coarse black awfulness. I've found two in the last two months, ugly hair that resembles something you pluck out of a doll's head, and I still can't believe they came out of mine. I've saved both of the ugly interlopers in plastic bags and show them to people when they come over to my house. I know this is weird, but it's apparently okay because every time the person freaks out and I feel justified in my behavior.

You guys, my hair is going to be so awful!!!

Abigail said...

One time I saw Anna Paquin in a movie with Joey Potter and it was the worst thing.

Joe G. said...

Oh man, movie Rogue is the worst Rogue of all of the Rogues. I'll take '90s cartoon Rogue over movie Rogue any day of the week, sugah.

Yes, I'm three days late commenting. Hi!

eclectic said...

I'm later than Joe. Do I get a prize? Like, maybe, lessons on how to tell time or something? Whatever. Hair is so weird! I wish I were brave enough to try another color, but I'm afraid. My hair is one thing I actually think is pretty about me and I'm afraid to try something else because what if it ruins the only pretty thing I have?!?!