Thursday, 25 June 2009

the facts are these

Jennie AS I MAY HAVE MENTIONED (800 times), I recently got a new camera. This camera, unlike my old one, holds a charge for more than four pictures, which is nice because I usually take at least four pictures of anything so I know (fingers crossed) at least one picture will turn out.

I've been trying to take my camera EVERYWHERE because obviously my life is so exciting that every beautiful moment needs to be documented, don't you think? Yes. Correct.

This summer has been busy, although TECHNICALLY summer only started a couple of days ago but WHATEVER. Here in Ohio, we don't abide by technicalities (The Dude, though, he totally abides). If it's hot outside and the kids are out of school, it's summer. Anyway.

My dad? He has a bit of a chipmunk problem. Every year, chipmunks invade the garden and dig holes under the garage, disrupting the very INTEGRITY of the foundation something something, I don't know, I wasn't really listening. All I know is OMG THE CHIPMUNKS ARE SO CUTE AHHHH I WANT ONE. So. He catches the chipmunks and I release them back into the wild, miles and miles from my parents' house and then the chipmunks love me forever for saving them. True story.

fathers day 004

While releasing the chipmunks, I hang out with nature for a bit and admire the view.

steps and junk

Going to the pool counts as hanging out with nature, right? Because you're outside? I think so. This one time? I was walking by the pool after I went running, and there were totally ducks swimming in it. It was so cute! I didn't get any pictures of that because I don't take my camera running with me but I DID take about a million pictures of ducks while we were in Myrtle Beach.

hi, Howard! floaty
look how cute! the duck liked Joe

Anyway, when it gets too hot outside, I rent movies. Then I watch them. Because that's what you do. Joe and I have also been rewatching Lost. Well, I'm rewatching Lost, he's watching it for the first time while I sit there and try my best not to spoil anything for him, even though he keeps coming up with all these "theories" and I can't tell him how wrong these "theories" are until AFTER WE'RE DONE WATCHING THE WHOLE SHOW.


I have also been eating loads of yummy food. Crab cakes and banana bread and cheese and now I'm hungry again.

yum fathers day 017 mmm jumbo crab cake

Funny story. The other day, my mom called to tell me that my aunt had to put her dog to sleep. Wah wah. Then she was all, "It really makes me appreciate Ripley, because she probably doesn't have too much time left" and I was all, "LALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU" but I DID hear her AND IT GAVE ME SADFACE, so I've been taking pictures of Ripley whenever I can.

fathers day 014 fathers day 012
fathers day 024 fathers day 026

And then drinking beers because my mom is such a Debbie Downer (just kidding, Mom, love you).

mac and beer beers as big as my head

Also, while putt-putting, I got in some trouble for not obeying the rules:


Which APPARENTLY they take very seriously:

Bad Pirate Jennie

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