Tuesday, 30 June 2009

day 2: reader appreciation week!

Abs Recently, my BFF(IRL) Elle asked me why we never talked about her on this site. I did a double take. "You actually read it?" I asked. She nodded quickly as though we were overcoming some great misunderstanding. "But you never comment!" I argued.

She shrugged.

Readers, here's a secret. I don't know you're there unless you comment. It doesn't have to be funny or intelligent. It just has to be. You and us. I'm a just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her. Oh, wait, wrong speech.

Our first honorees of the day are the good old standbys Vahid and Shari. You might remember them as award winners in our Canadie Awards last summer. And don't think we're playing favorites: Vahid won for Best Buddy and Shari won for Most Comments and we can regularly count on these two to keep playing the part.

Shari comments on every post. EVERY SINGLE ONE. I appreciate that. I appreciate that especially because I am so bad at commenting. Shari, thank you for commenting. Still. Always. Forever. We appreciate you.

Oh, and here's a photo, as proof that these are not just readers who comment, but Shari and Vahid are readers who are best buddies. This is last November when I was in Portland for work and Shari drove all the way from Nowhere (for HOURS) to meet me and Vahid and then Vahid took us on a tour of Portland's Best Places to Get Drunk At and really, I don't think I could ask anymore from readers. (But I'm going to on account of I'm going to go visit them again in August. The best readers are the readers who invite me to their house and promise to cook for me. Win.)

(This is a photo of a photo. Both cameras aren't quite print-quality, so you kind of have to cross your eyes to see what is going on.)

Scott is another reader who we've known since the beginning of time. And yet he has never grown lax in his site involvement. I can always count on a comment from Scott despite the fact his his wife is super busy beating cancer, and he seems real busy twittering all the time too. But still, day after day, he comes here and comments. Sometimes nice things, sometimes funny things, and always clever things. Scott puts me to shame. He is awesome. Send him cookies.

Tam is another high volume commenter. And she's Jennie!'s IRL friend which means I appreciate her even more since my IRL friends NEVER COMMENT. Tam is also willing to call us out on a regular basis. Like recently, she said, " I want a baby, but G-d won't give me one because I'm friends with Jennie. " God agrees with the Collective, Tam, babies are assholes.

Lastly, I appreciate sarah g. For one; she regularly agrees with me and everyone knows I love people who agree with me. For two; she is always positive and upbeat. That's not really the point of this website (are we positive and/or upbeat? not really), but you have to credit the girl for standing strong! Also, I love that she's not just Sarah; she is sarah g. I think the g is probably the first letter of her last name, but I like to pretend it stands for something else. sarah great! sarah good! sarah grocks! (like rocks? I try.)

Thank you, readers who comment! Thank you for giving my life worth! Please don't stop commenting!

(And lurkers: start commenting so we get to know you. We assume you're as awesome as our vocal readers, but how can we know if you don't comment??)

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