Tuesday, 9 June 2009

And anything to make you smile

I like how Heather just trounced in here yesterday with her visual aids and her weirdo TV abbreviations and tried to spread lies. I get the chocolate and peanut butter thing, I do. It's legit. 52 million other websites agree.

However, it's a bit conventional.

Let me propose something better: sweet and salty.

I know, I know, wild! and! crazy!

Take, for example, chocolate-covered pretzels. You have the sweet chocolate on the outside and then you get to crunch into the salty pretzel. Genius. Delicious.

Obviously, it would follow then that the best candy is Peanut M&Ms.

It's classic. You can find it anywhere. And it gives you everything you could ever want: sweet. salty. salty. sweet.

Yum. Yum. Yum.

Plus, it comes with a whole bunch of fun and interesting history. Remember when we voted on the new color? (We picked blue. Which seems right. Pink wouldn't have fit in.)

Now that is a One True Pairing.

Honorable Mention: Milky Way Midnight Mini
If I had to pick a candy that was only sweet, I'd pick this one. Just the right size. Vanilla nougat. Dark chocolate. Caramel. Very good.

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