Tuesday, 18 August 2009

I'm a pathetic gamer.

So. Here's the thing. I'm addicted to something called time management games. They are a type of video game where you pass levels by juggling customer service tasks. In my favorite, Cake Mania you run a cake shop. Customers come in and place orders and you have to bake the cake and frost the cake and check out the customer. Much fun.

Addicted means that I've played at least a dozen different time management games successfully, achieving expert scores on the highest level. I love these games so much. If I had an audience for it, I would talk about them all the time. What's that? You want to know all about them?

Ranch Rush
Ranch Rush: You run a farm and sell stuff for money. At first you just have clover. THEN you buy a cow and you feed the clover to the cow and the cow makes milk. THEN you can buy a cheese machine. There are ostriches. And tomatoes and ketchup. Good times. I spent some vacation time last week getting all the trophies.

Chocolate Shop Frenzy
Chocolate Shop Frenzy: You operate a chocolate shop. The hardest part is that people can request these specialty chocolates shaped like animals that are hard to make. If you mess up, you have to throw it away. The customers get mad quickly and storm out. OR burglars come and steal your money.

Sally's Spa
Sally's Spa: Customers can get a steam, a massage, eyebrow pluck, fizza spa bath, etc, etc. The more services they get the more money you make, but it can get real crazy up in there. Good thing you can upgrade equipment.

Do you feel like a crazy person yet? I do. I can't explain my fascination with these games. But I can read review after review. As a addicted gamer, I feel like I should be into Halo or something. But no. I like making cheese. Please someone tell me you love these games, too.

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