Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Game theory.

Despite what the title of this post might suggest, it is not actually about game theory, because while I do know about game theory, I only know enough about game theory to make me a modern jackass, and I am seriously trying to cut down on my modern jackassery. Nope, this post isn't about game theory; it's about me.


Or, rather, Mii. She's a world- and Olympic-record holding javelin thrower, expert skee-baller, and miserable sad sack of a football tosser. She likes to rock the party, and as such, really only comes out on the weekends when the company and the booze are free-flowing and my Wii muscles are appropriately loosened up.

Enter my Nintendo DS Lite. I love my Nintendo DS Lite. It lets me play Mario Kart and Lego Star Wars and all the old Super Mario Bros. games and I can "surf the net" as the young folk say and also draw and send all kinds of funny pictures to whomever else nearby has a Nintendo DS Lite of their own, which is usually just my boyfriend but you should see some of the antics I get into with kids on the Metro.

10 Bucks FTW!

But mostly I use it to solve New York Times crossword puzzles. That ten-hour flight I'm taking in a few days? You'd better believe I'll be making out with this baby the whole way.

My Nintendo DS Lite is white to match my iPod (the phone came later), and unlike Abigail's fancy-schmancy iPod my iPod doesn't play games. My iPod only plays music, and because it's the last black-and-white iPod ever made it doesn't even do that very well anymore. Or rather, it DOES, it just doesn't do it for very LONG, so I have to keep a power cord handy at all times. That ten-hour flight I'm taking in a few days? Had better have an outlet at my seat.

This? This is the end of my post.

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