Monday, 4 August 2008

My neuroses: let me show you them

heather I trekked Europe earlier this year, and just yesterday I finally finished unpacking my backpack. (I have been home since the first week of May.) I didn't unpack it because I wanted to get organized or anything. No, I unpacked it because I bought a new Kelty and I wanted to put some things in it and carry it around the house and look awesome. I either have no neuroses because I have no anxiety, or I have no anxiety because I have no neuroses. I'm not sure which.

The only thing in the world that makes me anxious is if my Google apps get out of order. Every day I use Gmail, Google Reader, Google Calendar, and Google Docs. The only PC program I actually run on my computer is Photoshop. I could go three years without cleaning my office, but if I don't keep my Gmail labeled and filtered, or if I don't move my G-Docs to the appropriate folders when I am finished with them, or if my Google Reader starts reaching the hundreds, I get crazy upset. I can't sleep. I can't eat. I have -- quite honestly -- woken up in the middle of the night, logged onto Reader, and CTRL+A'ed the whole thing, because I couldn't deal with that many unread items.

Google apps are like my own personal eating disorder. The world spins madly on, but I'm OK because my email is color-coded!

I recently noticed that I am at 83% of my Gmail capacity. Does anyone know what happenes when Gmail gets full? Is my head going to explode?

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