Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Trism is the best game of all the games.


Disclaimer: This game only works on the iPhone/iPod Touch which I realize makes me seem like a TOTAL snob. But it is impossible for this game to operate on any other system (except maybe the Wii) and so cross your fingers that technology will advance to expand this game to more systems or that iPhones will fall like manna from heaven.

Do you Tetris? Do you Bejeweled? Then you need Trism. It blows every other game out of the water.

In fact, www.ipodtouchfans.com says, "This is one of the most high quality games out for the iPod Touch and iPhone, which will make you ponder why you purchased Tetris or Bejeweled for double the price."

First of all, you're creating groupings of three or more of the same color by moving the rows VIA TOUCH. You slide the rows back and forth. Then, you also control how the new pieces fall by tilting the gaming device. And then there are all the fun challenges like bombs to be cleared and locks to unlock and other neat-o achievements like creating a heart-shaped trism or playing for 24 hours straight.

While crafting this half-ass but whole-hearted review, I fell way deep into the Trism forums--a black hole of a website full of wonderful people who are maybe a bit too zealous about gaming but very good at it. In fact, the last time I was in the forums was about four weeks ago and about two weeks after the game had debuted. I was on them because I had reached level 30 and it was no longer advancing levels and lo and behold it was because that was the end of the game. Someone had asked the exact same question two days before and the creator was all, "I never thought anyone would get that far!" Creator, how could you possibly not anticipate us crazies and also, that's right BOOYAH, I was in the top tier of total game-beating nerds.

Now, four weeks later, I am at pretty much the same nerd level I was then while the rest of the gamers have quickly advanced past me and are clamoring for more achievements and levels and challenges. While I look forward to the release of new versions of this game, I'm afraid it will hard and I will wimp out. I like games I can beat, dammit!

So, in conclusion, BEST GAME EVER.

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