Tuesday, 12 August 2008

My first "resume" ever...


[sic the whole thing]

I have a lot of hobbies! I like to make things. Even when I was little I created mudpies and paper mache messes. Once I even tried to grow ice! I guess one of the reasons I like creating things is because my mom was an art teacher.

In the past years I've tried lots of different things including a bookmark business in 6th grade, but the ones that I have really enjoyed are creating things with clay, making jewelry, and designing stuff on the computer.

I make all sorts of stuff out of clay from custimized beads to name plaques and figures. For Christmas, I gave many of my friends jars with decorated lids with their name or things they liked on them. I have also made "tooth fairy boxes" for small children and miniture wizards for aspiring magicians.

I also make many kinds of jewelry. I've made earings, and bracelets but mostly I just make hemp necklaces. I get ceramic and metallic beads from a bead store and weave them in. I have sold many hemp necklaces to friends and family.

My latest endevor is my desktop publishing business, Design Works. I make flyers, banners, letterhead, logos and business cards and also type papers. I enjoy creating these things on my computer and have made a lot of money from this.

I am an entrepeneurer and also have another business with a friend. We are party servers and we come before a party to cook the food and get the house ready, serve the food the party so the host may enjoy his or herself. After the party we stay til the house and kitchen are clean.

The most embarrassing part? I wrote this when I was fourteen. FOURTEEN. Little Schilbo? Get a life.

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