Tuesday, 12 May 2009

I know who I want to take me home.

Abs If I were back in high school and had arrived their via time travel from this current point in my life, I'd be pretty pissed. In fact, if a fairy godmother (or genie) came up to me and tried to give that to me as a gift I'd worry that the fairy godmother (or the genie) was actually a baddie in disguise. Because going back isn't something I would ever, ever choose.

You could pay me though.

See, when I was in high school I loved, loved, loved my life. There were a bazillion things wrong with it, of course, and a bazillion wrong things that made me messed up today, but at the time I didn't know. I was naive in all the ways possible. I was late night phone chats with best friends, I was crushes on boys that didn't end in heartbreak, I was barefoot summers full of evenings at the park, I was plaid uniform skirt and white turtleneck, I was happy.

Back when we were in Chicago, Heather asked us if we would go back. Mostly because she literally CANNOT BELIEVE going back would ever be a preference. I had several questions:

1) How long would we have to go back for?

All four years of high school.

2) Will the years play out in real time?


3) When I return to present day will I have missed four years of my life?

No. It will be like Narnia.

4) Will I be aware that I am me now, but there then?


5) Can I change anything about how it was?

No, cause of obvious rules regarding time travel.

I would do it for $20 mil, hands down. Maybe less. It would be really painful to sit through four extra years of life, especially considering the crippling naivety, but right now I'm trying to be rich and this appears to be a pretty consequence-free way of getting there. It'd be hard not to change things: the biggest of those being my general high school sentiment that life could not get any better and knowing that it was about to become exponentially better in ways beyond what I could even imagine. I think it'd be pretty hard not to hate every moment I used to love in retrospect. But the things I could do with that money, would make it totally worth it.

Tell the genie I'm in.

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