Friday, 29 May 2009

let's go away for a while, you and I, to a strange and distant land

Jennie Two months ago, I transferred to a different company within my company (...yeah) and started a new job. Getting a new job meant that, in addition to no longer wanting to stab myself in the eye daily, I have more money to pay bills and buy important things like food, water, and shiny new digital cameras. Unfortunately, switching jobs ALSO meant I don't have enough vacation built up to take off a week for a fabulous Mexican getaway with Heidi and Tamara. Le sigh.

But don't worry! I know how you worry. There is still summer fun in my future. I plan on taking my new camera to Myrtle Beach in about a week with Joe and his family. And I plan on taking it to Chicago in June where I hope to get pictures to rival the ones I've already brought back with me from Chicago. Pictures such as this:

Erica is hiding

I know this picture doesn't look that crazy or anything, but it's after I had an entire margarita spilled on me, took off most of my clothes in the bathroom to dry them under the hand dryer, and then realized the bathroom door was unlocked the whole time. Good times!

Also this is like my favorite picture from Chicago EVER:

I don't know

After that, my trip-taking may be over because I will be out of money. HAHA JK only not really.

That doesn't mean the fun is over, though. I have lots of fun times planned for me and my camera. Cookouts and adventures to the nature reserve and MAYBE EVEN Cox Arboretum and Yellow Springs and Clifton Gorge and WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE? Probably the pool. I plan on spending a lot of time with the pool, provided the Ohio weather cooperates on the weekends. Dear Ohio, please don't mess with me because I will kick your ass. Love you!

Once I'm done with all of that (and kicking Ohio's ass), I'll be tired and need to go soak up some air conditioning. So I'll probably be using my camera to take pictures of embroidery projects I hope to start (and finish) and food I plan to make (and eat) and movies I plan to rent (and watch) and wine I plan to buy (and drink) and OK that all sounds like a lot of stuff, so I'd better go get started OK BYE.

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