Friday, 8 May 2009

Phone It In Friday: Caveat Cookie Challenge II

Happy Friday, friends.

Many, many months ago, Abigail asked: Do you love Scott? And we all answered "YES!" So we banded together to help him defeat his computer virus blues by participating in the Caveat Cookie Challenge. We sent dozens and dozens of homemade cookies to Scott because, like Abigail said, Cookies > Virus.

As you know by now, Scott's precious wife Susan was diagnosed with cancer this week, and while she's in the process of kicking cancer's ass, we want to send them some love. And by love, of course, I mean cookies. Starting today is Caveat Cookie Challenge II.

If you want to participate, email us ( We'll get Scott's information to you, and you can get some cookies to him. If you need a recipe, mention it in your email. Maybe you haven't heard, but Kat the best chef in the world.

All Friday good thoughts and healing energy is for Scott.

(Hello, Scott. We love you.)

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