Wednesday, 27 May 2009

plans for my summer vacation

1. Wear sunscreen on those days when I have no excuse not to. (I can't commit to all the days on account of my skin has only a brief short window to display actual color and I will take that window, but I'm definitely not out to get toasted.)

2. Take the GMAT so I can get into grad school and get an MBA. (Despite the fact that I've been thinking about this for over a year, it still feels very much like a whim.)

3. Taking a week off of work and going on a trip to the Midwest. (I feel nervous about this because I've never taken this much time off of work and I've never gone on a vacation for this long. My comfort zone feels deserted.)

4. Turning 25 years old. I've already started my birthday week planning (including what I will buy with my Disneyland giftcard) and when that's all done maybe I'll start on the aforelinked list and get my shit together.

5. Get my shit together: Finish writing all those thank you notes I'm late on, print some photos and put them in frames, go through all my crap in the garage and get rid of it.

6. Get on my bike and ride somewhere.

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