Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Age 16

I’m at Bethel right now visiting. It’s really cool--I love it. Not so much the school itself but college in general. The whole concept excites me and its so fun. I love being on my own and being so close to everything and the time schedule. Its awesome. Ann, on the other hand, said she wants to live in a black hole. Believable. I totally love it! I’m not sure if I like this actual school so much. All the girls seem really done up. I mean, there were like 5 girls curling their hair in the dorm this morning. I was like whatever. There are lots of cute boys. I love boys. We had a dance party last night and it was awesome. I miss boys. I wish I was a senior. Well, I gotta go catch my communications class. [12 hours later] Okay...the girls we are staying with are obsessed with boys. Krysta has a boyfriend whom she always talks about and Stacey is obsessed with Zack--the boy with whom her relationship is undefined.

I talked to Jason tonight. It was so much fun. I love the kid. We have so much fun. I told him I had the song “Head over Feet” stuck in my head. [then I wrote out all the lyrics]

I’m gonna kiss Jason tomorrow. Oh, man, I can’t wait. The thing is, I don’t know how to kiss. I’m going to sleep now. I can’t wait.

I didn’t get to kiss him. First of all, this morning, well it was morning and I just didn’t want to kiss him in the daylight or something. It was just so open. So then I made sure I went out with him tonight but then Luke came too (I did get to meet his girlfriend, though, possibly more on that later) and I hate being with J when Luke is there. So we went to the movie and afterwards the girls split (turn-a-bout is tomorrow and they need their beauty rests) and we had time to kill so after driving aimlessly around Northbrook we finally went to Jason’s house where I played pool and sucked at it and got very bored and they continued to play for a while and Jason figured out I was bored so he suggested we go play a computer game in his room. He has practically naked women calendars. That totally made me uncomfortable and I totally didn’t like it but I didn’t say anything but I’ll bring that up later.

I discuss whether or not I will kiss Jason for the rest of the month, discussing nothing else except our oft conversations with each other on the subject. On 3/2/2001 I decide I can’t be friends with him because I’m “too jealous.” The next entry on 3/4/2001 is a pro/con list to help my friend Cassie decide which of her two crushes to go to turn-about with. John has a nice voice, Richie has great hair. However, John has a “gross tongue.” On 3/5/2001 I launch into a solilique on how “I can’t believe I’m breaking up with Jason.” I write more of the same until 6/3/2001 when I declare I’m in love with someone else. Yeah, man, those Bethel girls are so obsessed with boys.


mysterygirl! said...

Heehee, what made his tongue gross? And had she found this out through... kissing?? or just from a distance? I can honestly say that that's one part of the body whose characteristics I haven't noticed about another human. :) These entries are great. And did you ever kiss Jason??

You can call me, 'Sir' said...

Well, at least the calendars with the women were practical. The 'gross tongue' thing floors me. Was it forked?

Abigail said...

I can't believe I actually remember this, but his tongue was gross because it was really long? And it kind of came to a point? And he would stick it out all the time and it would be like past his chin! GROSS!

I never did kiss Jason; I think we really did stop talking for good around then.

Heather Anne said...

"I love the kid."

Jennie said...

I just love how logical you were about liking boys with the pro and con list and everything. This is brilliant.

Ashley said...

"I’m gonna kiss Jason tomorrow."

You sound like some sort of predatory hunter. Either that, or a (bad) psychic. Sixteen year olds are so oblivious. I love it.

eclectic said...

HA! So much awesome here that I don't even know quite how to respond. I have a 16 y.o. in the house, and the drama is exactly the same, only substitute "Cassie" with "Ashley", "John" with "Drew" and "Richie" with "Garrett". SO, SO MUCH AWESOME!

scott said...

Did I ever tell you your writing reminds me of Mark Twain?


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